Young Living essential oils….

Essential oils have been a game changer in my everyday life since 2015... I'm not a salesy girl, but there hasn't been a day that went by that I haven't incorporated these oils into my routine since November 2015.

These oils are used in every yoga and reiki session. Essential oils are not just easy on the olfactory nerves, they balance hormones, boost immunity, improve brain function, alleviate aches and pains, as well as reduce emotional stress & anxiety.

Please don't take my word as law. I invite you to try some or many by clicking "join my team" you can peruse and purchase to try without any obligation and see for yourself. Want to learn more? Do your homework + check out Young Living for yourself here .

Shoot me a message for questions anytime. Big thanks, Zoe


I drink, wear, + cook with essential oils everyday