Resting GODDESS Face

Resting GODDESS Face

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Carefully curated anti aging facial serum. This elixir has its greatest overall benefits when coupled with our EYE drink, both of these oils are made for nighttime application just after washing, just a few drops go along way when gently applied to forehead, cheeks, upper lip, chin and neck. Allow the skin to drink it in. Take rest.

Made with 100% organic therapeutic grade essential oils:

Jojoba oil(carrier oil) anti-inflammatory, keeps skin calm

Rosehip oil- anti aging, reduces hyperpigmentation + fine lines, promotes cell regeneration, collagen booster

Vitamin C- skin brightener, protects against UVA + UVB rays,

Vitamin E- Hydration, antioxidant

Lavender- reduces redness, eases acne

Frankincense- aids in healing acne scarring, skin tightening +lifting

Jasmine- hydration, antiseptic

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